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Global SIM Card

Save BIG on international roaming with UWTMobile Global SIM Card

To make and receive calls or text messages can be very expensive while traveling abroad. To help curb this expense, United World Telecom has introduced an exciting mobile solution: the Global SIM Card.

The Global SIM Card is a small chip that you insert into the back of any unlocked GSM phone and comes with a unique European phone number where your contacts can reach you. US or UK numbers are also available.

We offer four different packages to allow you stay connected according to your particular need. Each card comes ready to use with certain amount of call credit and it can be easily recharged over the phone or by email.

Global Basic Sim Card Global Value Pack Sim Card
Global Premium Sim Card Global Ultimate Sim Card

Our Global SIM Card is the perfect mobile solution for those who travel abroad and wish to make calls and be reached by family, friends or business associates without the outrageous rates charged by cell phone providers. It operates in more than 175 countries and provides an opportunity to receive calls completely free in more than 60 countries. It also offers free incoming SMS without any connection charges!

US or UK Extra Numbers
To make it even easier for your contacts to reach you can request a US or UK phone number to be paired with your sim card’s European number. This way callers from the US or UK will be dialling a local number, but you will receive the call wherever you are around the globe!



Live Chat

Toll Free (U.S.) +1-888-908-6181
International +1-561-908-6181

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Your technical and customer support is awesome. Thanks for your smooth connections and unbeatable price.
Chris M.

Never had such a great international phone service before. Talking to our relatives in Holland is so easy.
Gus S.

I deeply thank my friend for telling me about UWT in the first place!
Peter M.