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Order a USA SIM card and get up to 50 minutes bonus.

Purchase a Global SIM card and get 5MB of data in Europe and Turkey for FREE.

Earn Airline miles using your Global SIM card.

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UWTMobile Releases USA SIM Card for International Travelers


UWTMobile announces that SMS discount feature is now available from Europe, Turkey, Egypt and Russia to any country in the world.


UWTMobile Global proudly starts service in Burundi, Central Africa, Djibouti and Zambia.


UWTMobile Global announces lower data rates for Europe and availability in Iran, Costa Rica and Montenegro.

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Stay Connected with UWTMobile Prepaid SIM Cards

Use your mobile phone to make and receive calls anywhere in the world with UWTMobile International SIM Cards and save up to 90% on your mobile roaming charges

FREE Incoming calls in 115+ countries & FREE Incoming SMS everywhere

Global Basic Sim Card Global Value Pack Sim Card
Global Premium Sim Card Global Ultimate Sim Card
Free incoming calls in over 115 countries
  • Superior savings on mobile calls in over 190 countries
  • Free incoming SMS
  • USA or UK numbers available
  • Reward miles program UWT Miles
  • No contracts, daily charges or additional fees
USA Basic Sim Card USA Preferred Sim Card
USA Premium Sim Card USA Ultimate Sim Card
Best Rates for US and International Calls
  • Unique US mobile phone number
  • Direct local and international dialing
  • Manual or automatic recharges
  • No contract, hidden charges, or fees
  • Bonus minutes with select plans
Savings when using Global SIM Card
Travel Destination ATT Roaming UWTMobile
Outgoing Call Incoming Call Outgoing Call Incoming Call
Cyprus $2.89 $2.89 $0.29 FREE
Germany $1.39 $1.39 $0.49 FREE
Greece $1.99 $1.99 $0.39 FREE
France $1.39 $1.39 $0.49 FREE
Italy $1.39 $1.39 $0.59 FREE
Turkey $2.89 $2.89 $0.55 FREE
England $1.39 $1.39 $0.39 FREE
Per minute rates based on US dollars
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Savings when using USA SIM Card
European Mobile
Within the USA Calling Home Country
Receiving Calls Making Calls Fixed Phones Mobile Phones
O2 Mobile UK* 13 min 9 min 9 min 9 min
Orange France* 28 min 13 min 13 min 13 min
T-Mobile Germany* 23 min 11 min 11 min 11 min
UWTMobile USA SIM** 115 min 115 min 75 min 56 min*
* Source: O2, Orange, and T-Mobile web sites as of Dec 2011.
** Preferred plan bonus minutes included in the totals

Steps to Great Saving on Mobile Calls Abroad

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Toll Free (U.S.) +1-888-908-6181
International +1-561-908-6181

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The phone, SIM, and service worked great in Ireland - perfect for our needs!
Jack B.

Never had such a great international phone service before. Talking to our relatives in Holland is so easy.
Gus S.

Your technical and customer support is awesome. Thanks for your smooth connections and unbeatable price.
Chris M.

I really appreciate your service and think you are a wonderful company.
Donna B.

I deeply thank my friend for telling me about UWT in the first place!
Peter M.

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