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We offer an exciting program to entrepreneurs who want to sell our services. You can opt to market and promote our services through your own websites. This can be done using banner ads, direct links, informational pages and email marketing. Our services can be sold online to the customers traveling abroad for professional or personal reasons and need to stay in touch with their colleagues and family members.

We provide services to individuals and corporate such as travel agencies and hotel chains.
UWT will provide you access to a secure online sign up form which will help you precisely track all customers.

We will compensate you on a commission basis for purchases as well as on all recharges. The commission based on recharges is flat 5%. Thus, as you build up your customer base, your financial growth is ensured. As this business opportunity involves unlimited income potential. The future prospects of this business are indeed great as the distributors can market not only the Global SIM card but also the USA SIM Card along with other innovative telecom services powered by United World Telecom such as Local access international calling, Call back, calling cards, and VoIP.

The commission based on sales is as follows:

Monthly Sales Commission on Sales
Less than $2,000 10%
From $2,000 to $4,999 12%
From $5000 to $9,999 14%
Above $10,000 15%

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Toll Free (U.S.) +1-888-908-6181
International +1-561-908-6181

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The phone, SIM, and service worked great in Ireland - perfect for our needs!
Jack B.

Your technical and customer support is awesome. Thanks for your smooth connections and unbeatable price.
Chris M.

I deeply thank my friend for telling me about UWT in the first place!
Peter M.