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Send Free SMS

- In the "From" field please write the phone number you want to show the recipient starting with the country code
(example: USA phone number 12122767246 - France phone number 33614219754)

- In the "To" field write the UWT Mobile SIM phone number you want to send and SMS message as 3725XXXXXXX

Please note that you can only enter maximum of 141 characters in each SMS message.

141 characters left


Live Chat

Toll Free (U.S.) +1-888-908-6181
International +1-561-908-6181

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Your technical and customer support is awesome. Thanks for your smooth connections and unbeatable price.
Chris M.

Never had such a great international phone service before. Talking to our relatives in Holland is so easy.
Gus S.

Thank you! Great service. Now that everybody is talking about new phone services, I always tell them, why get into all the hassle when you can have a real phone long distance service with high quality and extremely low pricing with UWT. Seriously, I am more than happy with the service, keep up the good work and the low fees.
Francisco S.

I deeply thank my friend for telling me about UWT in the first place!
Peter M.

I really appreciate your service and think you are a wonderful company.
Donna B.