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Note: Included and bonus minutes are calculated based on USA rates of $0.19 per minute.

Rates for calls, SMS and Data in the USA
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Rates for calling International Destinations from the USA
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Included minutes for "&mobileDest&""&includedMobileMinutes&"
Bonus minutes for "&mobileDest&""&bonusMobileMinutes&"
Total available minutes for "&mobileDest&""&totalMobileMinutes&"
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Service Features
Included minutes for <%=Replace("Calls to <#callto#> fixed phones","<#callto#>",""&callTo&"")%> <%=includedMinutes%>
Bonus minutes for <%=Replace("Calls to <#callto#> fixed phones","<#callto#>",""&callTo&"")%> <%=bonusMinutes%>
Total available minutes for <%=Replace("Calls to <#callto#> fixed phones","<#callto#>",""&callTo&"")%> <%=totalMinutes%>
Click to view included and bonus minutes for <%=mobileDest%>
Connection fee None
Handset requirement for USA ( Must be an unlocked GSM phone) GSM 900/1800
Service Terms
Minimum usage requirements None
Contract length None
Billing increments 1 minute
Cancellation Anytime
Additional fees None
Expiration SIM Card expires only if there are no billed calls or SMS within 180 days from the date of activation or from the last billed call. After expiration, customer may request for reactivation within the following 180 days with a different USA number.
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Select your new phone number location

Activating Auto Recharge allows our system to add a preselected call credit amount to your USA SIM card using the credit card on file when the remaining call credit drops below $5.00.

Expiration extension: n/a
Total amount:     $0 .00

  •   Lowest rates for local and international calls
  •   Unique USA mobile number for seamless connections
  •   Direct international and local calling without PINs
  •   Activate auto recharge or manually add call credit
  •   No contracts, access fees or additional charges
  •   Bonus minutes with higher plan purchases
  •   View your call details and account settings online

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