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How Does UWT Mobile USA SIM Work?

Make and receive local and international calls, as well as text messages, at deeply discounted rates while in the United States

If you are planning to visit the United States, our USA SIM Card is the best option for you to stay in touch.

UWTMobile offers four different packages to allow you stay connected according to your particular need. Each USA SIM Card comes ready to use with certain amount of call credit and it can be easily recharged over the phone or by email.

How it Works

Insert The SIM Card
Turn your phone off, open the battery housing (located in the back of your phone), remove the existing SIM Card (if applicable), and insert your USA SIM Card. Store the existing SIM card in a safe place.
Turn the phone back on
Turn your mobile phone back on. It might take a few seconds for the handset to find a mobile network; as soon as it does, you can start making and receiving calls.
Start making calls
To call a phone number in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, dial 1 + Area Code + Phone number and press the -call- or -send- key. To call the rest of the world, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number and press the -call- or -send- key.

Live Chat

Toll Free (U.S.) +1-888-908-6181
International +1-561-908-6181

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The phone, SIM, and service worked great in Ireland - perfect for our needs!
Jack B.

Never had such a great international phone service before. Talking to our relatives in Holland is so easy.
Gus S.

Your technical and customer support is awesome. Thanks for your smooth connections and unbeatable price.
Chris M.

I really appreciate your service and think you are a wonderful company.
Donna B.

I deeply thank my friend for telling me about UWT in the first place!
Peter M.